back to article Computer glitch nixes death row appeal in Texas

A Texas inmate was sent to his death after a computer glitch held up his appeal filing, and a presiding judge refused to extend the deadline. Earlier that day the US Supreme Court said it would consider a case from Kentucky, in which lawyers were arguing that the lethal injection is unconstitutional. The Houston Chronicle …


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Anonymous Coward


How do find Texas?

From where I live you go east until you smell it, and south until you step in it.


liberals are funny... these comments prove it

save the trees and murder unborn children... save the murderers and strip the justice system of their ability to carry out justice. Gotta love it.

so you would have us keep all the murderers alive with the possibility that they will get parole or escape from prison one way or another and kill more people? savvy that logic... keep the murderers alive and keep killing babies that are unborn. it's beyond my ability to comprehend that level of insanity. it's no wonder the world is going to hell in a supersonic jet... we care for the criminals but not the children. I see where the priorities are and I have to say I don't like it. to coin a phrase...


I'll tell you where the love is... it's in the wrong place. time to wake up people. Time to get a clue. It's time to care about what's right and good instead of what's bad and ugly.

dead horse? until abortionists renounce their faith in murder of the unborn, no. and I find nothing that defines being put to death as murder. Murder is defined as the unlawful and intentional killing of a human being by another. it's funny how all the liberal nut jobs want to take unlawful out. They always want to take the law out of their way when it doesn't suit their purposes instead of facing the consequences. Absolutely laughable.


who is to blame?

>a computer problem meant they couldn't print

I bet they were using windows. While I suppose the EULA would say otherwise, the evil M$ empire takes an ever greater toll on humans... ;o)

@ Jason: >until abortionists renounce their faith in murder of the unborn..blahblah

Until the religious right stops supporting indiscriminate wars all over the world (the Iraqi civilians are not murdered either I suppose, they are just killed, right? BTW, when was thou shalt not kill replaced by thou shalt not murder in the american bibles? I bet it is quite recent) their stance on abortion is laughable.

And I am not even talking about the parody of Justice that leads to so many innocent citizens being legally killed. I am all for the death penalty for confirmed murderers, so I am not quite a tree-hugger. Trouble is, we can never be sure (as so many police setups and trial errors have shown.

Dead Vulture

Bible quotes and vengeful nutjobs

First, to those who point to that passage in the Bible (in Exodus to be precise) that says "Thou shalt not kill" and ask what is so hard to understand about it, may I direct your attention to the verses that follow it later in the chapter. There are a fair few in there that go something like:

"And whosoever ...<insert any of several Biblical infractions here>... shall surely be put to death."

So the Bible is quite unequivocal in distinguishing between murder and execution, with or without PC translations.

Second, it seems there are a few bloodthirsty right-wingers here who are very willing to get stuck into so-called "liberal nutjobs", and who seem to think that justice = vengeance. To those I say: the world would be a much better place without the likes of you, as much as it would be without murderers. How has the death penalty reduced murder exactly? That's right, it hasn't stopped people from murdering each other one iota. All it does is satisfy your thirst for vengeance. It solves nothing.

Instead of just speeding these murderers to the death chamber, how about studying them, like lab animals, instead? Learn from them what makes a murderer, what conditions cause one to behave like this, then address the social issues that give rise to these crimes. Or would that be striking too close to home where you could be slaking your own bloodlust calling for more executions?


Think of the colleagues

Personally i feel sorry for the judges, having to stay late because the presiding judge didn't bother to tell them she wasn't extending the deadline. Talk about a wasted evening.



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