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RE: It's Still Linux

That's exactly the point, it's Linux, not Windows - so people who have been using Windows and try Linux may struggle a bit until they get used to it.

When windows users complain about their first Linux experience they tend to overlook two major things..

1) How much they have actually learned about using computers without really noticing while using Windows (and fixing it when it craps up).

2) That they have not really learned much about using computers at all but have learned a lot about using Windows (and fixing it when it craps up).

Additionally they had probably been using Windows for a while before ever having to install it (if they ever have).

People who have never used a computer before will likely find both as easy as the other (if pre-installed) or just as impenetrable (if having to install either).

Windows users moaning about Linux not acting like Windows is like a car driver who buys a motorbike and moans about the lack of a steering wheel and ashtray - they are different things and if you are used to one use of the other takes some learning.

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Graphics and widescreen

Why does everyone assume that its only Linux that struggles with widescreens. I have a fairly ordinary 19" widescreen with default settings of 1440 x 900. XP couldn,t detect it using either Nvidia or ATI cards. Both times I had to add the configuration manually using the advanced tools in their respective control panels. Vista was no better with ATI cards, trying and failing to use refresh rates far higher than the screen could cope with. Again manual tweaking was required to get things working correctly.

Just because we are all largely familar with the Windows way of doing this does not mean that it is easy or that your average home user could do it. That they can't is how I ended up with my widescreen in the first place.

Ubuntu et al require no more tweaking than anything else. It is usually the users knowledge that requires the tweaking.


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RE Kwac

Challenging Mom and Pop to complete clean installs of Ubuntu or any Linux/BSD/whatever to Windoze is not the point - the PC usually comes with Windoze pre-installed thanks to the Micro$haft market advantage. Just like modern car users mostly don't know and really don't care what's going on under the bonnet, they just want to drive, most home PC users just want to surf, email, edit camera pics, email, etc, and they are not only unaware of what's "under the hood", they are mostly scared to look! Do you think VW would sell many Golfs if they gave you the engine separately and you had to put it in yourself?

A few years ago a friend in the States bought five Lindows boxes (the $150 from Walmart jobs), configured them up to look like Windoze 2000, and had members of staff use them for over a year before they realised they weren't Windoze PCs!!! Ubuntu needs to be on cheap PCs at Walmart, PC World, Comp USA, then it stands a chance. Until then it is a hobby OS.



OK, I'll admit it, I don't use umbongo. I use openSuSE 10.2, and I like it fine. However, I do know of more than one user of Ubuntu and they are quite happy with it. And I'm not speaking of raging geeks here.

I'll admit it, I prefer SuSE because I have a history of using it, but then isn't much of the negative rumour concerning all Linux distros basically due to people with bad experiences of versions from years past? Isn't it all rep, hyped by Windows users and the great unwashed? Give a dog a bad name, maybe?

However, I agree to an extent with Matt Bryant in that Linux in general needs a better sales front. Goodness knows, being a RISC OS user too, I am familiar with the fate of ventures that don't go for the marketing jugular.


I've installed Ubuntu three times...

Each time the graphic resolution was wrong and I had to find the right config file and add the correct resolution by hand.

Each time I had a terrible time getting the networking correct. Ifconfig does not work and you have to use the GUI.

The last time, on my son's PC, USB would not and still does not work.

I will not be installing it again.

Linux is a hobby, Ubuntu doubly so.



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