back to article The BBC iPlayer 'launch' that wasn't

The "open beta" launch of the BBC's on demand service on Friday has left many licence fee-payers frustrated, as downloads of the iPlayer are still strictly limited. The BBC has told would-be users it is taking the action to monitor iPlayer's impact on its own network and on ISPs. News of the rollout shuffleout was buried in the …


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  1. Dennis Price Silver badge

    But But But...

    ... I thought Apple owned i* ?

    Bwaaaahahahahaha couldn't resist.


  2. Alex

    I have my account and I signed up last Friday

    That took just 5 days, and the reason why I signed up is because I read the hype. I should be waiting a lot longer than this shouldn't I? Or have the BBC decided to pretty much push it out now after the publicity it gained?

  3. Alex

    Another comment

    I've just read a lot of comment here about the quality and how rubbish it is. How the BBC have messed it up etc.

    May I remind people this is (supposed to be anyway) BETA software.

    If you don't like it right now.... well give feedback to the BBC. Don't complain though.... If you are annoyed then the solution is not to use BETA software.

    When it gets properly released and it's still crap, well write to the BBC board of directors and accuse them of leftie/liberal bias or something.

  4. DP

    BBC Easy and Personal

    For the BBC—and the rest of the world—try the RadioCentrePlayer and the Radeo Internet Player. MS Windows and Mac OS; IE, Firefox, and Safari browsers; Windows Media, Real, and QuickTime players. Web-based streaming—no download or install. Free and easy—now.

    For BBC offerings easily from one place—including Radio Player, News Player, Sport Player, Weather Player, Podcasts, and World Service (including foreign languages) and TV Clips, Film Network, and Collective—click the Search tab and open The BBC at the bottom of the list. This is significantly more than the BBC intends with their iPlayer.

    And, perhaps most importantly, the personalization—presets, interests, playlists, share and news emails—is beyond their horizon.

    The Radeo Internet Player

    More than 10,000 Stations, 20,000 Shows, and 800,000 Episodes—

    Broadcasts, Webcasts, and Podcasts Worldwide—Audio and Video.

    Wherever You Are, Wherever They Are, and Whatever They Are.

    Easy to Play Your Favorites, Find More, and Share Them.

  5. Mo


    I've not been accepted into the Beta yet, though I do other IP-based TV delivery systems (and blog about them, on occasion…)

    Even so, I've found the most effective way to get TV onto my Mac is to make use of the picture-in-picture mode of my flatscreen monitor which now conveniently has a Freeview box plugged into it…

    Hardly my ideal solution, though.

  6. George Kearse


    KService is 100% a CPU hogger. It now never runs at less than 95%. It is impossible to do anything else on the PC whilst it is running. Can't even get iPlayer to display !!!

    It isn't made easy to feedback anything to BBC iPlayer. Have you tried ?

    Alex, you talk about beta test. If I ran an application like this as a beta test I'd be fired the same day for sure.

    BBC iPlayer. A total waste of time right now. Suggest we all go and have a tice cup of tea (coffee) whilst the BBC lads and ladetts go and shoot themselves in the foot,

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    > "We know that some technically expert users are able to run BBC iPlayer Beta on

    > Vista but we do not feel it is appropriate to advise the general user to try to use

    > BBC iPlayer Beta on Vista until we have completed our programme of testing."


    > Any ideas how?

    Take a look here:


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