back to article Hello, Apple PR. Dr. Freud will see you now

I was humiliated recently after purchasing a new Apple notebook. My novelist wife needed a fresh machine to replace her aging iBook. Solid application response times and a smooth web experience will no doubt help her craft a bestseller. In addition, she's not dealing well with the cancellation of Veronica Mars and spent the …


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Pay the developer fee and sign NDA and go, no one stopped you..

Tony Smith, pay the friggin developer fee and sign the NDA and go to WWDC, no one stopped you. As for your MacBook Pro, walk into any AppleStore or call AppleCare and have it fixed - you're doing more damage to your MacBook Pro by continuing to abuse it and then you'll expect Apple to fix the mess for nothing. STOP abusing Mac's and Apple, get decent writers who actually have a clue about Mac OS X and aren't trying to blag there way through journalism..


An interesting point but poor article...

There are many problems with Apple and we are all well aware of them. Your article started somewhat confusingly, then mentioned the problem you had, went on to compliment the latest Apple OS over Vista and then ended with a seemingly drunken rant against the company.

The sentence "Apple will continue to offend reporters after iPod sales start crashing and after the company's share price makes its inevitable trek toward $0." paticuarly showed your article was less about facts but more about you getting something off your chest.

I'm not quite sure what the purpose of the article was, all I want is decent articles about the tech world, but I would suggest your editor reads your future articles before they are posted until you stop drinking whilst creating them or stop using the Reg as your personal mouthpiece.

Anonymous Coward

The Apples...

Judging from the comments here, my general experience with Apple devotees, the company's attitude as described by Mr. Vance here and by others at other places before, this company and its fans are really made for each other.

Anonymous Coward

Scruples, moi?

Not on the face of it entirely relevant, but as the author has included the issue of his wife's book I feel fine about bringing the following to your attention.

If you check-out the link to said wife's book at you will see that an "A. Vance" produces a glowing review of the book with no mention of his rather vested interest. Here it is:


Tamed by Madigan , February 10, 2007

By A. Vance - See all my reviews


Having never picked up a romance novel before, I went into Madigan's book with a fair amount of skepticism. From page one, however, any concern shifted to enthrallment, as I became immersed in a new, fantastic world. Madigan has produced a rare gem in protagonist Tilly - a hired man tamer of the first order. Both men and women will derive pleasure from Tilly's exploits.

Surprise ending to boot. You can't go wrong here.

Hopefully Madigan reads these notes because I've started holding my breath, waiting for her next work.


I don't really want to get personal (but talk about an open goal) but this man's personal scruples appear to reach rock-bottom even for a struggling hack. Oh... and his spelling is simply embarasing for a professional word-smith.

I wonder if this will pass moderation, I just thought it may provide an interesting footnote.




28 days later

Ohhh ElReg is so biased towards M$, obviously you have reading problems.

Everytime anybody says anything against Apple it turns into a George Romero film. Say anything against M$ and nobody gives a damn.

Very telling isn't it

Pay 1500 and go to the apple event, Hmmm pay 1500 to promore what is happening in the apple world (isn't that Apples role ?)

Reminds me of Mr John Lyden, "Ever feel you have been had"

BTW don't complain about UK pronounciation & spelling, when you can't even spell telephone or colour.

Oh thats the apple way isn't it saying everyody else is wrong ;)



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