back to article Master of Arris: Network giant CommScope downloads broadband modem biz for $7.4bn

Network infrastructure giant CommScope has decided to buy some growth, shelling out US$7.4bn (£5.67bn) for broadband and video gear slinger Arris International. In announcing the deal on Thursday, CommScope predicted “annual cost synergies” will reach $150m within three years, meaning there are up to $150m in shared costs – …

  1. jelabarre59 Silver badge


    Might actually be impressive if I had actually *heard* of this CommScope company before now. But I expect they'll manage to lay-off the only three engineers who know some of what they're doing at Arris. All that will be left are the Arris-holes.

    1. sbivol

      Re: Who?

      Judging by the bugs in my Arris (Virgin Media) router, those three engineers were laid off a decade ago.

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