back to article Abu Dhabi drops sack of cash into UK broadband challenger Hyperoptic

The Abu Dhabi government has taken a minority stake in alternative Brit broadband bods Hyperoptic through its state-run investment firm. With the company publicly promising to splurge £500m over the next three years on bringing full-fibre broadband to the masses, the Abu Dhabi investment will doubtless help it meet its own …

  1. Norman Nescio Silver badge


    <optimist>Maybe, just maybe, they might find a few coppers to implement IPv6. Its been pending 'for a while' now.</optimist>

    <pessimist><cynic>Then again, charging for static IPv4 addresses is probably a nice money spinner for them, especially when CG-NAT stops dynamic DNS from working.</cynic></pessimist>

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    it would be brilliant

    if they could rattle Virginmedia and BT, but somehow I doubt this is what they're after.

  3. I sound like Peter Griffin!!

    Formula 1

    "...When you're Red Bull, all you need is a little extra oomph to be able to leverage that awesome aero package and overtake around the outside ANY corner you like.."

    They're after BT and Virgin customers alright; they're just gonna bring their own carrots not wait for the leftovers from Old McOpenRoach's farm :)

  4. Extreme Aged Parent

    Abu Dhabi

    As said in the piece, they are acting as a disruptor, this is typical strategy from this corner of the world, we should discourage any intervention financial or otherwise from these people. They have loads of oil money waiting to be used for this or that project, many of these projects in place are not beneficial to the host countries. I will not go into too much detail but recommend that you watch the tv series entitled @House of Saud, family at war' this is on iPlayer and will I guarantee open your eyes to their true intentions.

  5. b_armitage

    All hype, little else

    I'm always surprised at all the press Hyperoptic get. They have shoveled millions down a big hole and never made anything back. I wonder what more nimble operators might have made of that cash pile. Journalists, meanwhile, slavishly report their 'disruptor' credentials and breathlessly mention them in the same breath as CityFibre and Gigaclear (who genuinely are making a difference) while all they do is re-sell Openreach fibre.

  6. jms222

    Cambridge Fibre

    I have told a local company to proceed and claim my business £3k government voucher. The service uses G.PON and they claim weeks not months. But the point is it's a small local no-nonsense company (Netservers) and my house is in just about the right position on their main trunk and I have a BT pole in my front garden they can apparently piggyback.

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