back to article Now, watch this... Network time protocol bugs sting Juniper operating system

It's time for Juniper Networks' semi-regular bugfest, with 22 fixes announced today, two of which carry a “critical” rating and should be applied immediately. The company's software defined networking-supported NFX Series CPE, if running Junos OS version 18.1, had an insecure default setting in the Juniper Device Manager: CVE- …

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Where are all of the quality devs?

They dont exist, because if they did, we wouldnt keep seeing this BS every fucking hour of every fucking day

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"22 fixes announced today, two of which carry a “critical” rating"

Well they cant be that critical, if they were then they wouldnt have allowed it to happen in the first place

Is bug free code asking too much?

Take CrApple for example, a company "valued" at $1,000,000,000,000

Do they find the money to employ people to test their shitty code? do they fuck

They're all cunts the lot of em, and cant code, that much is fucking clear

Driverless cars in the future? errr, thanks but no thanks, maybe get the fucking basics right first

Am I the only one who feels this way?

Had a shitty day today and can squarely lay the blame on MicroTurd and CrApple

Just the attempt to enable 2FA on a O365 admin account was painful, their fucking shitty MicroTurd authenticator app, which only fucking works with Microturd

Great, so now I have to have 2 fucking 2FA apps now

The cloud is a terrible idea, and fucking slow



GPS Time Source

If your business really needs a reliable and accurate time source then seriously consider installing a hardware GPS derived time receiver!


PermitEmptyPasswords option set to "yes"

The affected SSHD configuration has the PermitEmptyPasswords option set to "yes".’ ref

Didn't anyone notice this when they were testing the device for security vulnerabilities.


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