back to article Juniper, Ericsson sign 5G product pact

Juniper and Ericsson are extending a long-standing love-in to cover 5G network tech. In the joint product bag, Ericsson will handle everything from the air interface to base station backhaul, and Juniper will haul packets around the core network. Ericsson's contribution will be access networking (the Router 6000 platform …

  1. wabbit02

    cisco who?

    So Ericsson have canned Cisco and gone (back) to Juniper?

    Interesting that the 3G packet core from Ericsson was base do the Juniper MX and then they created their own "SSR 8k" platform to replace that (along with trying to penetrate other areas), but this looks like more a return to the previous arrangement.

    This could be great for Ericsson, what Juniper has is a mature NFV/SDN/ orchestration environment, in the shape of contrail, and Ericsson's "virtual" offering has fallen behind, however, its probably a step too far for Ericsson to admit defeat in this area and they will probably end up losing ground.

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