back to article An AI a day keeps the doctor away... Neural net software gets better at clocking cancer tumors

Baidu's AI researchers have built an algorithm that can spot cancerous tumors in breast tissue using a method that doesn’t rely solely on neural networks. Convolutional neural networks (CNNs) excel at pattern matching, and thus are useful at detecting potential clusters of cancerous cells in medical scans. However, CNNs don't …

  1. imanidiot Silver badge

    False positives be damned

    I'd care much more about false negatives. A false positive can be negated by a doctor then looking at the data and saying: Nope. A false negative might lead to someone being told they are just find and then returning later when things have become inoperable.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    So, they're going to let CNN decide if you've got cancer...

    Maybe Fox can decide if you need brain surgery, and NBC can detect heart defects...

  3. TheProf


    In the accompanying picture is George Lucas small or far away?

  4. Richard 81

    Ultimate classification problem

    Tumour or chiwawa?

  5. RobertsonCR7

    when will they sell these on alliexprs

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