back to article Verizon commits to AWS after buying and selling its own cloud

Amazon Web Services has announced a new and significant marquee customer: Verizon. The US telco is significant because it once tried to get into the cloud caper itself. Way back in 2011 Verizon acquired Terremark for US$1.1bn because it felt it had no chance of making a go of cloud with organic growth alone. It was wrong: …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "Can anyone catch the big three"

    What big three? There is only Azure and AWS as the really big players. Everyone else is behind them in the distance. And it seems clear at least on current form that Azure is going to be the eventual king of the hill.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      The cloud game is going to be one by those that spend the most - AWS, Azure and Google.

      All have revenue supporting their growth although how that revenue is reported differs significantly, hence assuming this is a two horse race.

      If you go just by "reported cloud revenue" you might think IBM had a realistic chance rather than requiring their quantum computing lottery ticket to win...

  2. vt100

    Look to the East...

    I suspect that Alibaba will, in time, rival big two (+GCS,Oracle and IBM), as an alternative not beholden to US.

    Not saying that it will be on par with AWS or Azure, but there is not a chance it will not carve-out a sizable share of the market.

    Some of my thoughts on US Cloud vendors are here, if anyone is interested:

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    IBM won a panel contract with the NZ government to provide IaaS for government departments (the other two selected were local companies).

    Three years later they are yet to have successfully stood up a single server or provided a single department with services of any kind.

    Kind of soured me on IBM cloud services in general.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      re: NZ Dept. Really? ...Didn't they know how to login and create virtual server?

      1. rijrunner

        Re: NZ

        Not really that surprising. There would be a lot of time lost upfront trying to size and architect a data center.

        But, the biggest problem would likely be IBM trying its own secret sauce BS. They don't have the underlying tech of Amazon. They don't have the underlying tech that GCS or Azure brings to the table either.

        So, what's IBM's value add? IaaS using someone else's off-the-shelf tech is exactly what all their competitors also have. But, IBM has storage... that isn't that well integrated with VMware. They used to have X86 servers, so no real hardware value. They are pretty much out of the switch game.

        The only things IBM has is their own value-add stuff if they want to make money here.

        My guess: IBM is trying to build an IBM Cloud Manager with OpenStack environment using a lot of gear that has never been ran together in an OpenStack environment on any scale before.

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