back to article Vittorio Colao to say ciao to Vodafone as firm goes back to black

Vodafone boss Vittorio Colao has confirmed he is quitting the telco just a week after agreeing to spend €18.4bn (£16.1bn) on Liberty Global’s European assets. The CEO, who ran Vodafone for a decade and has set a departure date for October, is to be replaced by current finance director Nick Read, who joined the organisation in …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    ....if "investment analysts" got off their arses and went outside once in a while, they'd conclude that Voda UK's poor performance is not due to a lack of fixed line, or focus on IT improvements, but in fact mainly due to very poor value renewal and acquisition deals, an inability to let their captive MVNO act independently (like O2 allow giffgaff to), shit customer service, and turd-glossing with hugely expensive yet dull, unimaginative and un-engaging marketing?

    1. Youngone Silver badge

      Re: Maybe...

      They're not only the sick man of Europe, but have gone from being a reasonable company to deal with here in New Zealand, to being one of the least effective organisations I deal with.

      I understand they were always a bit crap for residential customers, but as a business that spends about $250k per year, we got pretty good service.

      That all changed last year and things have been heading downhill ever since.

      The good news is our contract ends this year so i will be able to ditch them.

      The bad news is that I live in a "market" owned by two big players, so I'm not expecting much better when we do.

  2. The Dogs Meevonks

    Hardly surprising that they're a failing telco in the UK... given the appalling way they behave. Selling people broadband packages they have no intention of fulfilling, lying through their teeth about porting numbers (they don't even bother trying) and hoping that you'll accept whatever number they give you and lose your old one that you've had for years.

    Do I sound bitter... damn right... Experienced all of that and more in the few weeks I had to suffer with them. Eventually got every single penny refunded after I had to threaten them with the regulator... But couldn't sign up for a new provider until the actually disconnected my service... phone line took 3 days longer than my broadband because I wanted the number they supplied terminated not accidentally ported by the new provider... who couldn't take on an active line and then port another number from a 3rd provider.

    Customer service is a joke, would give TalkTalk a run for worst provider ever.

    In the end, swallowed the hit and went with Zen, who have so far been hassle free, ported my number and actually provide a decent router.

    Could have gotten it cheaper... but I value better service over cost for something as important as my access to porn... I mean, wholesome and family friendly browsing.

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