back to article Oracle-botherer Rimini Street cuddles up to Salesforce

Oracle third-party support slinger Rimini Street has added Salesforce to its portfolio, which isn't going to ease any tension that still exists with Larry Ellison's lot following a protracted court battle. Las Vegas-based Rimini will offer support for Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, adding to existing maintenance …

  1. TVU Silver badge

    "The firm's bottom line was boosted by a $50m payback from Oracle after a court of appeal judge upheld the verdict that Rimini had violated Oracle's copyright but decided the original $124m award was too high"

    ^ That they are getting back some money from the Larry Litigation Corporation is excellent news and may more similar examples follow.

  2. Camilla Smythe Silver badge

    Have they come up with a new DashBoard?

    The results follow a a decent fiscal 2017 – the first full-year results since Rimini Street was listed on the NASDAQ – in which revenue was up by 33 per cent and operating income by 58 per cent.

    I guess that will be why my frozen pizza still costs £1.50 but there is less topping and it is even more for shit. Fuck knows how the rest of the economy might be suffering.

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