back to article ServiceNow goes for more Now, a bit less Service

ServiceNow’s ramped up its efforts to excite buyers and users beyond the IT department, with a new logo and a pledge to deliver consumer-style experiences in the workplace to change the very nature of the mucky business of exchanging your labour for currency. Speaking at the company’s Knowledge18 conference in Las Vegas, CEO …

  1. macjules Silver badge

    As for the W ...

    ... it looks remarkably like a UK taxpayer lying on their back being screwed by ServiceNow.

    we put up with terrible experiences at work.

    Not least having to fill out a ServiceNow IT request form.

    1. yoganmahew

      Re: As for the W ...


      I had thought the clunky 1980s interface filled with "thou shalt not type here" boxes was a result of poor choices on the part of my company, I see we're not alone if so! So now (hah!), we have a system of boxes to fill in on a separate web app that has to be synchronised in to SNOW change requests, that then have to be pushed to a third system to be sent to an external operations supplier.

      Still, I have an extraordinary number of permissions and roles, which makes my ego feel wanted.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: As for the W ...

        No I can attest it is equally horrible here.

        SN would say theirs is the best, from what I've put up with over time, I say it's one of the least shit.

        They are all designed to make pretty charts for management, with bugger all thought for the poor bastards that have to endure it day in, day out.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: As for the W ...

          >> "I say it's one of the least shit."

          This. I've used a number of different systems and currently work at a place with ServiceNow. It's not great and is often overly messy in many areas (and can be bloody slow at times), but I do have poorer experiences with other tools (BMC Remedy being a classic example).

          1. CrazyOldCatMan Silver badge

            Re: As for the W ...

            BMC Remedy

            Or, as we used to quip: "The Remedy is worse than the disease"..

  2. Halcin

    Off Topic

    OMG!! Since removing flashplayer, this is the first El Reg Article to include a video I can actually see and play!! (Normally I just see a conspicuous blank gap where, I assume, the video would be.)

  3. RobertLongshaft

    No doubt the salesmen are now armed with even more bullshit to throw at senior execs. ServiceNow will take your dog for walks, read to your children, cook breakfast etc

    Load of shyte.

  4. TechnicianJack

    “We make the world of work, work better for people”

    I assume he's never actually used ServiceNow then.

  5. tip pc Bronze badge

    I'm so glad im not the only one that thinks SNOW is SHIT

    ^as per title^

  6. Yugguy

    We use it

    It is overly-featured and cluttered with shite that you have to cut through.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Looks like a human?

    The only way I can see that is if the human is bending over ready for a shafting, truth in logos is so rare maybe we be applauding them?

  8. not.known@this.address Bronze badge

    I think they got the colours wrong

    It should be an orange hood with a face inside and a voiceover from some kid called Stan...

    1. The Oncoming Scorn Silver badge

      Re: I think they got the colours wrong

      It should be an orange hood with a face inside and a mumbled muffled voiceover from some kid called Stan...


  9. The Oncoming Scorn Silver badge

    Homer Simpson

    Hmmmmmmmmm Donut!

  10. gbshore


    Since SNOW is SOOOO very prevalent, I am wondering why all the comments are so negative here... how can a platform that has been so successful and widely adopted be so bad? Either all these orgs have been hoodwinked by salespeople (doubtful) or all the negative posters have some kind of ax to grind ... just a thought.... lol

    1. gnarlymarley

      Re: ...interesting

      I am wondering why all the comments are so negative here...

      There are quite a few reasons I can think of, but I shall not bore you with all my reasons.

      1. SNow is build to work in better in non-IE browsers, so sorry for those of us who are "stuck" on IE. (By stuck, I mean I will lose my job and have been told so by HR and upper management, if I use another browser.)

      2. Some of us use SNow with multiple browsers. SNow is built to function best in a single browser. (I.E. rather than store your next webpage on the browser, it does it on the server. So if you have two search windows and update the tickets in on, but has refreshed in the other window, both windows now get the same search.)

      3. A lot of extra fields and forms cost "extra" money, which means most companies, such as the one I currently work for, prefer the "out of box" crap.

      4. SNow is a lot of javascript based, so if you click something, there is no way to hit the "stop button" to cancel that action. (This falls under a bad user interface)

      5. Because of that javascript if you hit the back or forward button in the browser while it is loading a page, SNow clears all history and starts you from the beginning. (This falls under a bad user interface.)

  11. Cederic

    roots not in itsm

    ServiceNow's roots are in online workflow. ITSM was the applied use of the workflow engine that brought them investor support to grow the business.

    Now the business is established it makes sense that they exploit the underlying technology.

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