back to article Why does the world need the new 'Arkraino' network edge stack'?

Over the next couple of quarters, a team of developers will start fleshing out the roadmap of a Linux Foundation effort A&T ignited in February, when the telco giant donated code to the Akraino project. The aim is to create a “network edge stack” that plugs a gap in the open source world, between the OpenStack/OPNFV-built …

  1. Zed Zee

    Which one is it?

    "Arkraino", "Akraino" or Arkanoid...which one is it?

    Your spelling, El Reg, reminds me of the amount of times my school English essays used to have "sp" marked all over them, in red ink!


  2. steelpillow Silver badge

    Where are the Western telcos?

    Most of the supporters already signed up are Chinese. Are the other Western telcos slow to wake up or is this the drawing-up of battle lines?

  3. tip pc Bronze badge

    so who's going to bother writing apps that hook into the api's that some telco may or may not use in their infrastructure?

    1. Frederic Bloggs

      Well I might, for one.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Rapacity at the network edge

    Sounds like the deeply wonderful telcos tryng to grab a slice of a cloudy pie they don't yet have a finger in.

  5. bombastic bob Silver badge

    just dont make it...

    just PLEASE do no make it:

    a) another systemd

    b) another 'gnome 3' or unity (referring to the effect on the X11 desktop)

    c) another 'dot not' (i.e. bloatware, "change for the sake of change" ware)

    d) another SOAP

    e) another Silverlight


    Do one thing, do it well, do it with COMPACT CODE that can fit on a tiny microcontroller or in silicon, yotta yotta. Don't force us to have megabytes of RAM just to run THAT, then make it so you HAVE to "run that".

    1. tip pc Bronze badge

      Re: just dont make it...


      That’s what api’s are for.

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