back to article Where's my free monitoring service, One Plus? – hacked-off customers

“We have been working with partners across the world and activated credit monitoring across a number of countries. We’re working to ensure it’s available to as many people as possible, and have been assured that the last customers will receive their credit monitoring in the coming days.” OnePlus customers are still waiting for …

  1. Dave 126 Silver badge

    Customer Service at OnePlus isn't great, though they sorted me out eventually. They don't supply VAT invoices, wouldn't cancel an order the day before they shipped it, and gave conflicting advice about refusing the delivery. I cancelled the order because of their weird VAT position, and ordered a Galaxy S8 instead - actually cheaper (because of the impending launch of the S9) than the top tier OnePlus 5T, even before the VAT refund.

    The weird VAT situation was not mentioned by any reviewer of the OnePlus 5T.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Zero accountability when you pass personal information

    Given the number of companies that were allowed to just walk away, without any real penalty from databreachs then passing personal information to anyone is asking for trouble.

    The situation needs to change but will not whilst government agencies charged with citizen data protection refuse to do the job they are being paid for then things can only get worse as more companies realise the finacial gains and lack of punishment for inadeqate data protection.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    That's too bad. It seems like OnePlus makes some of the best phones to run LineageOS, for those of us who prefer Android without the bloat and spyware. I wouldn't spend that kind of money on a phone, mind you, but they look like nice phones with hassle-free custom ROM support.

    I'd buy one from a major retailer, preferably one that accepts more secure payments than credit/debit.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The New Normal:

    "OnePlus have swept this under the rug. They have placated press outlets with promises of credit monitoring for affected users. But as there are NO checks & measures on what companies say & do they have done nothing.”

    When it comes to endless Kim Kardashian vomit, the MSM are efficient.

    When it comes to supporting Consumer-Rights, they just print corp PR.

    This is how Zuck / Facebook & Windows-10 Data-Rape, got a free pass...

    This isn't what I signed up for when I started working in tech how bout you...

  5. Adam 52 Silver badge

    "We have been working with partners across the world..."

    As a OnePlus customer I'm a bit concerned that they've just shared/leaked my details with partners across the world.

  6. Dominion

    Don't Panic!

    It's OK, they've given all your details to Equifax. What could possibly go wrong??

  7. ServerSauna

    Except that...

    ...according to the forums, since early April some people have been receiving emails offering cover from AllClear, so not quite 'no one'

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