back to article Motorola Mods its global workforce

Motorola has acknowledged reports that it's cutting its workforce in the windy US city of Chicago – just not by the 50 per cent rumoured. Lenovo, which acquired Motorola Mobility in 2014, confirmed in a statement it was taking "worldwide resource action", despite improving sales in the US. In late 2017, Lenovo announced a …

Recently got hold of a Moto Z2

as it fit my needs specs and price wise, with the mods being a nice bonus. Try and get hold of the mods in the UK though, and you will pay through the nose for them and only a handful of high street stores stock them. I'm having to resort to eyeing them up on rather than UK. Seems like stocking the mods (even on Motorola's own 'store' that ships on the device) has little priority.


Re: Recently got hold of a Moto Z2

I'm using a Moto Z and now have a Z2 Play too. I have a Qi Wireless charging mod, JBL speaker mod, a few "styleshell" mods and the battery mod. All work really well. Unfortunately, the concept would have worked better had an Apple or Samsung adopted and promoted it; the few manufacturers of cases and bumpers tend not to understand what is needed to make a case compatible with the mods, so it become easier to just use the phone and a mod, or abandon the mod when the protection of a case is preferred. Samsung and iPhone users typically have more accessory options, and those third party manufacturers would probably have better supported a more powerful brand. Had Motorola's experience and market penetration been more successful though, my two phones and six mods would have cost me more than the £380 I have paid for this lot! I definitely can't complain.

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I've said it before, etc

Motorola really should have licenced out the Mods to to other handset makers. With a critical mass of adoption, the concept would really have taken off.

Whilst Mods are a differentiator for Moto, they could 'grow the Android pie'.

Speaking as a product designer, their Mod implementation is very good, with the mounting mechanism having no real downside when not in use ( compare to LG's modular system that meant the phone wasn't water proof).


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