back to article Google ad blocks itself with DoubleClick snafu

Google's ad service DoubleClick for Publishers has been experiencing problems since at least 1000 Pacific Time (1700 UTC) on Tuesday. DoubleClick for Publishers allows those running websites to sell ad space (inventory) and manage ad campaigns by logging who clicks on which advertisement. "We're investigating reports of an …

  1. JeffyPoooh Silver badge


    First thing each morning, browse for skimpy bikinis (<- adjust to taste).

    For the rest of the day, your ads will be lovely.

  2. This post has been deleted by its author

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    ....there was hoping that DoubleClick was down, thus saving on the need for a 24 core processor to open a webpage.

    Just think how much energy would be saved if this were the case, we could close all the coal fired power stations right now, no need for green energy, just kill adverts.

  4. Mage Silver badge

    YouTube now blocked

    Adverts (if static & silent) don't bother me if locally hosted. The issue is 3rd party scripts rather even than a 3rd party image source + web link. It's just too high risk. CNN and have both served malware via ads using 3rd party scripts.

    It's now impossible to use YouTube on my Firefox. Google want my agreement to a multpage abusive T&C before allowing access, Funny it still works on Google's Chrome with no clicking on any agreement. Google also doing this on Android TV. You have to agree their T&C before tuning the TV set at all.

    I think Google are breaking EU law. As are sites that insist I have to allow 3rd party scripts for access. A security issue rather than an attempt to block ads.

    Web is getting crazy.

    see scripts on all the major newspapers and

    Widespread use of Google services (fonts for main site, scripts for main site, analytics, advert scripts) by many websites is just evil. I can't believe it's legal and is breaking intent of EU cookie law. As does almost every site asking for consent. Third party cookies, clear pixels, sharing buttons/logos with 3rd party script (not just a link) and all other 3rd party tracking should be illegal. I'm not sure they are legal in EU.

    1. tiggity Silver badge

      Re: YouTube now blocked


      That's why script and content blockers are vital browser add ons.

      It's impossible to use the web without protection from excess ad related junk added to web pages.

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