back to article Brit spy wrangler details sign-off process for snooping warrants

The Investigatory Powers Commissioner's Office, the body tasked with watching UK spooks, has revealed how it will decide whether to approve snooping warrants authorised by government. The advisory notice (PDF) published yesterday will act as a guide for IPCO's 15 judicial commissioners – working and retired judges appointed to …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What protections and transparency will there be

    to report if some bad actor tries to nobble or blackmail members of the IPCO ?

  2. Geekpride
    Black Helicopters


    What's the point in this when "requests deemed "urgent" can still be signed off without the commissioners' oversight"? Any that the commissioners refuse will just be deemed urgent and bypass this process.

    1. teebie

      Re: Pointless

      So that they can mark the requests that they know are going to pass as non-urgent, and be able to claim that the system works because so many warrants are granted.

  3. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    Now watch how many of those requests are deemed "urgent" and *wheather* they are listed

    That'll be the real test of how strong this "oversight" is.

    If it's limited (IE < 5%) and some of the warrants are refused (IOW the system is working) I expect HMG to

    a) Reduce the powers of the Commission

    b) "Restructure" it with more "understanding" reviewers.

    Once data fetishists have power it's damm difficult to pry any of it out of their hands.

    But it is a (modestly) promising start.

  4. Queeg

    Look I'm sorry Your Honour...

    but we had to slurp, sorry intercept the information without delay.

    Yes, I understand you'd only gone for a pee but as I said we couldn't delay.

    If it wasn't so close to the future truth I'd laugh.

    again El Reg no sarcasm Icon needed here

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