back to article From Amazon to Ama-gone: Bezos swings the axe on hundreds at HQ

Amazon has confirmed a round of job cuts are taking place at its headquarters in Seattle, USA. The internet monster on Monday said it was cutting roles, although hopes to reassign sacked people to different positions where possible. "As part of our annual planning process, we are making headcount adjustments across the …

  1. joed

    trickle down economy at its finest

    Got to save the money for that new HQ (as if tax breaks by foolish cities bidding against each others were not enough).

  2. Ted's Toy

    Remember Sears Robuck

    Bricks and mortar ended them as well

  3. Charlie Clark Silver badge

    Hey, Seattle give us a nice tax break

    Or we might move more jobs to HQ2. Oh, and rollback that increase in the minimum wage while you're at it.

    If anyone thought HQ2 was about anything else, they now know better

  4. handleoclast Silver badge

    Special bargain on Amazon

    Employees surplus to requirements. May have cosmetic damage but otherwise fully functional. Buy two, get one free.

    1. mosw

      Re: Special bargain on Amazon

      Maybe they would have better luck moving them on eBay?

  5. DNTP

    This is just outrageous

    I mean if you expect your employees to get upper body surgery so they can become better archers and swear oaths to defend your company till death and beyond then you shouldn't just be able to downsize them whenever you want oh wait I was thinking about the other kind of Amazons again.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: This is just outrageous

      oh wait I was thinking about the other kind of Amazons again.

      There's a nice thought. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, oh yesssss. No, I didn't think or type that, you're mistaken. But I'm sure James Cameron could make a fab film about that sort of Amazon.

  6. Nunyabiznes

    empire building

    This is just another case of middle managers (and above) expanding their fiefdoms beyond what is sustainable and getting caught during budget planning. I do wonder if some of those actually responsible will be getting "adjusted" though.

    With 560,000 employees worldwide it is understandable that this would happen annually.

    1. Erik4872

      Re: empire building

      I thought Amazon was notoriously "flat" and basically didn't allow anyone's span of control to go beyond a small number of people. Most of the MBAs cycling through management consulting land are touting the "2 pizza team" concept that Amazon supposedly follows.

      I figured the cuts would be for staff in acquired organizations...Amazon and others are buying up tool vendors at a fast pace so I thought they would have acquired a bunch of employees that way.

    2. Ledswinger Silver badge

      Re: empire building

      With 560,000 employees worldwide it is understandable that this would happen annually.

      I thought 550,000 of them were on zero hours, minimum wage picking jobs in grey, sunless distribution centres.

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