back to article 5G won't just be fast, it'll do the ML-fuelled self-optimisation thing

There's a race to apply machine learning to networking applications (especially for 5G), and as so often happens in periods of frenzied development, there's an emerging standardisation gap the International Telecommunications Union hopes to fix. Following the January Machine Learning and 5G workshop in Geneva, the ITU has …

  1. Pete 2 Silver badge

    Blink and it's gone.

    > Stanczak said expanding auto industry connectivity and massively connected sensors will create massive overhead and “a lot of uncertainty in the network”.

    The only uncertainty I have is why I would want (or pay extra for) a 5G mobile device (let's not call them "phones" any more!). There is talk of speeds of 500 MByte/sec which would use up my monthly data allowance in a dew seconds if I used this on my mobile "device". As for IoT connections: secure or not, what benefits would I personally see from 5G? What new things would I be able to do, that I couldn't do before?

    For home use, there may be some benefit. But with freshly installed fibre is there really any point? Sure, for isolated communities it provides a decent connection rate. But will any of the mobile operators want to spend money prioritising internet and IoT connections for a few farms and a bunch of sheep?

  2. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

    Machine Learning!

    Is there anything it cannot do? Make sure your data is Clean In The Warehouse℠ and apply Dr. Trendy Z. Fuggtutti's Patent Machine Learning Rectifying Precompiler to your data streams! Also comes in wax form for the pointy hairs!

    (Overuse of Machine Learning may expose you to technical debt and other hazards)

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