back to article VMware sticks finger in Meltdown/Spectre dike for virtual appliances

VMware has advised on how to mitigate the Meltdown and Spectre chip design flaws in several of its products. The workarounds cover vCloud Usage Meter, Identity Manager (vIDM), vCenter Server, vSphere Data Protection, vSphere Integrated Containers and vRealize Automation (vRA). And they're important because VMware now ships …

  1. A Non e-mouse Silver badge


    vCenter, for example, now ships as an appliance because VMware would rather you did not install it as a guest

    The vCentre appliance *IS* a guest under vSphere/ESXi.

    Where's that El Reg tombstone icon again...?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Blackrock bought 5% of Dell?

    Blackrock bought 5% of company that is not publically traded? How did they manage that then?

    Dell Technologies owns 82% of vmware. I really dont think shareholder revolt is going to have much effect unless Michael Dell thinks he has to go cap in hand to them for some reason.

    As far as I know Dell has paid down $10Bn of the capital it borrowed, dont know why he would be paying down their loans while trying to keep a vulture like Blackrock happy (who I am pretty sure would just like to split dell into tiny bits to maximise their profit and fuck the company and their employees)

  3. picturethis
    Big Brother

    vSphere 5.5 unaffected?



    I live to fight another day..

    1. MrKrotos

      Re: vSphere 5.5 unaffected?

  4. gerdesj Silver badge

    Disable the shell for operators

    I've just read the vCentre 6.5 mitigation doc. It is to disable the shell on all non root accounts and disable the shell. Seems obvious really when you think about it and not such a bad idea.

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