back to article BlackBerry and Baidu buddy up on autonomous autos

Chinese web search emperor Baidu is to join forces with deposed king of phones BlackBerry, adding its embedded QNX operating system to the Chinese firm's open-source self-driving platform. BB's Unix-like OS will join the cloud services, open software stack, reference hardware and vehicle sets that make up Baidu's Apollo - the …

  1. Oneman2Many

    Baidu is fast becoming the leader AV and close links with Chinese government will almost certainly mean that its first to market in the worlds biggest car market. And close links to US and EU car manufactures will mean that its not far behind in those markets either.

    1. bazza Silver badge

      BlackBerry do seem to have forged some juicy agreements with some key players in the automotive sector. Not surprising I suppose - QNX is a properly good OS.

      In principal Intel could have turned VxWorks into the OS of choice for car makers. It lacked a decent graphics stack. Intel basically did nothing worthwhile with it.

      BB and their predecessors put a decent graphics stack on top of QNX, plus other things. Good graphics on a good RTOS is a truly great thing for user interfaces.

      On a side note, I'm enjoying my shiny new BlackBerry Motion. It's a splendid piece of kit.

      1. Dinsdale247

        QNX toolsets are the money

        "In principal Intel could have turned VxWorks into the OS of choice for car makers."

        The QNX tools built into their Neutrino OS and their development stack are second to none. They have built in real-time graphs that allow you to do things like align external signals with system calls across multiple threads. VxWorks has nothing like it as far as I'm aware. There is a reason BB/QNX can charge $25K US per seat for their development tools.

        The Neutrino stack is miles ahead of everyone else. That's why Apple is playing nice with BB right now. And yes, building on top of QT for their graphics was a brilliant stroke from Mike Lazaridis. the BB10 UI is sooo smooth. (IMHO) Mike Lazaridis is as brilliant as Steve Jobs ever was and ten times the engineer.

        1. HmmmYes Silver badge

          Re: QNX toolsets are the money

          Yep. Ive been working with variants of the QNX for ~20 years, since QNX4.

          I like Neutrino. Pretty good OS - have a look at the OS PDFs, worth the reads.

          QT was an inspired choice. I did wonder if MS bought Nokia in an attempt to kill QT - both QT and HTML are still big threats to MS.

          As far as Intel competing with vxWorks ..... as someone who has worked with vxWorks, on, and now thankly off, for 25 years. Its shit. Its dire. vvxWorks was OK in the mid 90s. Terrile choice now.

          And frankly Id guess that Intel have either laid of the SW people. Or theyve walked. Not a great company to work for if you work outside of transistor fabrication.

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