back to article Oz's biggest iron slated for 2018 replacement

Australia's National Computational Infrastructure is getting ready to open the wallet and buy AU$70 million worth of new iron. The Raijin supercomputer is currently the NCI's flagship machine, but the ageing metal was commissioned in 2013 and is now near end-of-life. Raijin is currently number 76 on the Top 500 supercomputer …

  1. Mark Exclamation

    Four years old, and it's EOL? Perhaps this time they should buy from a reputable dealer. Four years for a multiple-million dollar HPC is scandalous!

  2. kneedragon

    Just don't get the department of statistics to do it. They can't run a census, they struggle to run a postal 'survey' and their IT mistakes and ten-left-thumb calls are on the front page 2 days out of 5 .... A few old blokes with dusty 386s would be better...

    1. Blade

      @kneedragon: Five years ago, none of these failures would've occurred at Stats. But, we get the current government elected, who then proceed to lay off 15K-20K public servants and problems & failures start happening across all departments. Add to that the ongoing yearly "2.5% Efficiency Dividend", which has resulted in more job losses, due to there being no other way to accommodate the budget reduction.

      Stats took a hard hit, losing a significant number of senior staff (along with their corporate knowledge) which has resulted in their ensuing failures. The coalition government has effectively gutted Stats, and they're trying hard to do the best they can with minimal staff.

    2. Acutus
      Thumb Down

      You had no idea what you are talking about!

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