back to article Flash, Sam, wallop: Samsung crashes ahead as top NAND chip flinger

Samsung increased its market share in the NAND supply world in the third quarter of the year, analysts reckon. According to TrendForce's latest estimates, the suppliers' overall flash shipments for Q3 2017 looked like this: Company 3Q17 Revenue QoQ change 3Q17 share 2Q17 share Samsung $5,619.9 19.5% 37.2% 35.6% …

  1. bernardo.ortiz

    Drop in FLASH prices due to increase in supply??? That only occurs when you have a fixed volume commodity, with FLASH memory the demand has been increasing faster than supply. What may shift, with sufficient supply, is the minimum FLASH memory size. There is a demand for more memory in cell phones, the limit is how much one is willing to pay for the phone. Laptops would all be FLASH memory to avoid hard disk crashes, the main cause of failure of a laptop. Again, pricing due to insufficient volumes has been the limit. I'm sure that there are other markets that would grow in volume given that FLASH memory supplies come close to matching demand.

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