back to article Tailored SwiftStack update should help get your GDPRse in gear

Object storage life is getting more complicated as public cloud dispersion meets GPDR data locality restrictions. Combining the two adds product and administration complexity. Against this background SwiftStack has updated its open-source, object storage product with features for public cloud archiving, synchronization, and …

Walter Bishop Silver badge

Objects in the cloud more complicated?

Do you think this is all part of a plan to turn systems-integrator people into the new priest class. Only someone of independent means and with access to the latest cloud utilities and the time to dedicate oneself to learning such arcane concepts as 'object APIs', 'data rehydration' and quasi-stub: could ever hope to achieve gainful employment in the field. And in the process, casting old-school codesters into the outer darkness, where they belong.

You mentioned GPDR three times in the body of the text, without actually telling us what it means. Are you referring to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)?


Re: Objects in the cloud more complicated?

No, moron, it's Green Dragon Power Ranger.


SwiftStack is making progress...

But so is everyone else in the OBS software business. SwiftStack has had a reputation for being hard to configure and requiring lots of "tuning" based on your performance requirements. That said, the vendor universe for OBS software vendors has been stable with just a few acquisitions over the past three years. HGST acquired Amplidata. Red Hat acquired Inktank (Ceph). IBM acquired Cleversafe. Caringo, Cloudian, and Scality have achieved traction in the OBS market. The enterprise vendors Dell-EMC, Hitachi, and IBM, are playing a long game. And several smaller vendors like OpenIO and Minio have received additional funding rounds. SwiftStack falls in with the pure-play OBS software vendors like Caringo, Cloudian, and Scality but it is also the major code contributor to the OpenStack Swift project. Its marketing efforts seem weak compared to the others in this group, and they have not received any additional funding for several years. GDPR is mostly an EU consideration, but all of these vendors sell in the global market, so they do need to be able to offer their customers GDPR compliant OBS software. Data storage just like networking has its jargon. If you work in it, you learn it.

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