back to article FCC commish cites infamous porn ruling to slam shady US mobile competition report

FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel made her presence felt at her first meeting in a year at the US communications regulator on Wednesday – when she cited an infamous Supreme Court decision over pornography to slam a report claiming there was sufficient competition in the American mobile market. "For the first time since 2009 …

  1. Youngone Silver badge


    Ms. Rosenworcel has not been paying attention and does not seem to understand the new role of the FCC under Chairman Pai.

    Never mind, there are plenty of qualified candidates available who will do a much better job.

    We will ask Comcast or Verizon if they can recommend anyone.

  2. fishman

    The report will be used to justify a Sprint-T Mobile merger. Looks like people have been paid off.....

  3. Frumious Bandersnatch Silver badge

    nicely slow-rolled tension in the headline

    I had to read to the middle of the article before I read "I know it when I see it."

    Unfortunately, the Pai approach is "I'll see [to] it when I believe it", with cash and political capital being a powerful reason to believe almost anything, even before breakfast.

  4. frank ly Silver badge


    "Congress creates new terms in legislation all the time and it's up to expert agencies like this one to define them. "

    Surely it's up to the lawmakers to define any terms they use in the legislation they create, discuss, debate and pass? Oh wait, I'm sorry, I'm an engineer, not a lawyer, so my view of the world is warped.

  5. Peter Prof Fox

    US v UK

    In the states they have corrupt nutjobs or well-established lobbyists in the hen-house. In the UK we have incompetent imbeciles who are so easily led that nods and winks do the job.

    1. cortland

      Re: US v UK

      One cannot hope to bribe or twist, etc.

    2. EnviableOne Bronze badge

      Re: US v UK

      SO the difference is the US lot know they are doing the wrong thing but dont care (because funding) and the collection in westminster don't even know what they are doing, let alone if its right or wrong.

  6. hellwig Silver badge


    I'm going to assume Pai will take a job at Verizon after his tenure. Or will it be AT&T?

    I don't know that Comcast needs any more former heads of the FCC on their payroll.

  7. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

    an apparent effort to lower the FCC's definition of broadband speeds

    Making America Great Again! Easy, just set lower targets. No actual work or cost involved.

  8. ma1010 Silver badge

    And the beat goes on

    "...overly friendly relationship between the federal regulator and the companies it is supposed to oversee and moved it to a new level."

    Got the K-Y, Ajit? Oh, wait, it's not Ajit who's getting the shaft -- it's the American consumer. So, business as usual, then. Carry on.

  9. Florida1920 Silver badge

    It isn't only FCC

    Many if not most other government regulatory agencies are rolling back protections, in favor of, guess! Corporations. What else can you expect when you put a corrupt businessperson in the White House?

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