back to article Tintri havin' it large with all-flash EC6000 boxen

Tintri has refreshed its all-flash arrays with a four-model EC6000 series. EC stands for, we understand, Enterprise Cloud, and the new line goes faster and stores more data than previous hardware, as well as inheriting all the Tintri OS and services updates since the T5000s were launched back in August 2015. That means …

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320000 IOPs?

Hmmm... so, the average IOPS of 90000 is expected from a consumer grade SSD today. In a subsystem with compression and dedup running on a common file server with a semi-intelligent file system, on two-way mirrored data, the raw read performance of the disk should be about 180000. Considering dedup and compression, it should be 5-10 times that. Three-way and four-way mirror of hot data should increase performance greatly. With 10 way mirroring, 900000 should be realistic. Add RAM caching for reads and even more should be possible.

In 4U, there should never be a circumstance on an all-RAID platform which IOPS should ever be anywhere near as low as 320000. Did you miss a zero in the article or did they make a product designed for SCSI/NVMe over fabric protocols?


Re: 320000 IOPs?

I thought exactly the same - i.e. one current Samsung SSDs can handle even more IOPS - so 320k IOPS overall is just ridiculous - or indicates a bad IO scheduler in the storage OS....

Anonymous Coward

Can you name an example of such an awesome product?

Or is that just a fantasy?



And there was me thinking we were English.

Anonymous Coward

You lost me at "Tintri"


Does EC6030 really use Samsung 960 GB SATA 6Gb/s harddrives, only?


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