back to article It's a small VMworld after all – life in the shadow of re:Invent

VMworld 2017 is nearly upon us. The primary event in Las Vegas taking place August 27-31 will be followed by VMware Europe from September 11-14 in Barcelona. The first thing to note is that the Vegas sun has thinned the herd. The Solutions Exchange exhibition hall will have fewer booths this year. Vendor after vendor has told …

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not me

I'm not a conference person myself(or any event with lots of people). Went to a couple HP discovers a while back they were ok(went for storage/3par, those aspects were fun but the rest wasn't interesting).

Loyal vmware customer for 18 years(no signs of that ending) but never felt interest to attend vmworld.(even when it was in the bay area and I was a 30min drive away.)

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Re: not me

umm....there is free stuff there you know.


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I'm suprised you didn't mention the AWS Vmware thing

I'd say this will be the big news, more than the different product releases


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