back to article Mainframes, PCs, mobes tickle Fujitsu revenues in the right direction

Despite a mild slump in its x86 server sales, Fujitsu revenues increased for its first fiscal 2017 quarter by 2.5 per cent to $8.3bn (¥922.6bn), accompanied by a rebound in profits. Operating profit rose year-on-year from -$123.3m (-¥13.7bn) to $44.1m (¥4.9bn) – a welcome turnaround. In its technology solutions business: …

  1. Mad Mike

    Profit Levels

    Given the turnover, the profit level is really appalling. Granted, it's much better than last year, but it hardly inspires confidence in the company and its ongoing profitability. Mind you, they do seem to be having a 'night of long knives' at the moment, so maybe they're trying to do something about it?

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