Google Groups vs Usenet

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Google Groups vs Usenet

It seems that a brief spell of spamming in a usenet group can cause its entire archive on Google Groups to be blocked without any way to get it unblocked. comp.sys.sinclair which was set up in 1993 is such a group.

Back in ~2001, Google took over the old Deja News archive of usenet and integrated it into Google Groups. Google Groups allows anyone to set up a group and if it gets blocked, the owner of the group has to delete any offending articles and request the group's reinstatement.

Unfortunately Usenet newsgroups don't have any owners and unless they're moderated, no way of deleting content. comp.sys.sinclar isn't moderated and as there's no owner, there's no way to get it reinstated. So there goes almost 25 years of posts!

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Re: Google Groups vs Usenet

You don't really expect the gookids to understand Usenet, do you?

That said, this place will take you back to 2003, which is better than a poke in the eye with a blunt stick. Might want to read this page first.

Also, you can find a few email addresses to ask if anybody has an older archive available if you poke around here. Frankly, I'd be rather surprised if somebody, somewhere outside of DejaGoo, didn't have all of c.s.s (and the associated alt.binaries.comp.sinclair) archived somewhere.

Good luck!


Re: Google Groups vs Usenet

Indeed. Hopefully someone will! Cheers!


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