back to article HPE PointNext globo boss grilled by El Reg

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has almost concluded its corporate cleansing with the Enterprise Services division spun off to form DXC Technologies and the Software unit about to become part of company history. But the remaining pieces aren’t all about hardware, or so says Anna Pinczuk, global senior veep and GM of HPE PointNext …

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‘look the nice thing about you guys is that you’ve been my data centre player’

Interesting use of the past tense.


"so I am talking to the customer about how you enrich the retail store experience with Wi-Fi and location services so that they can provide new experiences to the customers."

Or put another way, we will try sell something even if it's of tenuous benefit with a zero cost benefit analysis. HPE-RIP

Anonymous Coward

Wi-Fi in clothes shops and GDPR comments

True why would you want to use a shops Wifi when most people have 3G / 4G on their phone.

Maybe push female cloths ads to the bored blokes that hang around a clothes shop, while they are waiting for their misses to try on different cloths!

From the comment on GDPR "do I build capabilities and where should my data and storage be?" looks like he doesn't have a clear view either. In my non legal view GDPR is more about what data you can store, control end users have and how your company uses it for personalisation. Maybe their offshore team can and AI chat bots can help with this!



Azure in particular, and AWS, and Google have come to us, and believe it or not IBM


Came, listened, and went away with a smile on their face. Nothing to see here.


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