back to article Enterprise flash storage market report reads like it's a vendors graveyard

Registrar Daily's Global Enterprise Flash Storage Market 2017 report looks at 15 vendors – of which five no longer exist and two are small-to-insignificant – and totally neglects to mention others. The included and so-called key vendors, with our comments, are: Pure Storage Virident Systems – bought by WD in 2013 Violin …

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111 pages?

It took them so long to write the report that some of the companies shut down before they could publish it!


FusionIO - bought by SANDisk - bought by WD - now under HGST (subsidiary of WD) and products canned

Anonymous Coward

As soon as I saw Nimbus in the list ....

.... I knew this report has 0% value to anybody. Not forgetting of course that some companies disappeared 4 years ago.


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