back to article Comodo database glitch causes billing problems

While the rest of the world had its eyes firmly on the WannaCrypt outbreak, digital certificate firm Comodo suffered an unrelated but protracted database problem that affected its billing systems. The Register learned of the issue from reader Ian Barber who came across the problem in the process of getting a new SSL …

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Well at least they have working backups

"We have mirroring capability, which means things are backed up instantly. We also have daily backup on top of mirroring. The issue was that the bug affected the mirroring system as well. Hence, we had to go back to daily backups. These types of database bugs are not like computer crashes. They build up over time. So we had to go back to a time where the database was free of this bug."

Translation : We thought we had ALL the safeguards, but it's complicated.

And it very likely is complicated. Hopefully, this experience will have taught them to root out that bug for the future. If no data was lost and nothing was breached, then there's no real harm done, right ? We can chalk it up to a learning experience and go from there.


Re: Well at least they have working backups

We can chalk it up to a learning experience and go from there.

Probably not. It smells like incompetence.... Very difficult to root out!


Very clear they put some code into production that quietly fooked up database records and it took them a week and a half to realise.

Yes it happens, but only because something was missed during testing.


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