back to article A quiet market? Nah, Oracle's to pay $850m for ad-tracking Moat

Oracle's acquisition of digital advertising tracking business Moat has been valued at over $850m, according to reports. The size of the deal, which was announced earlier this week, was reported by Recode, and the ad-measuring business's exit has excited onlookers in the space, coming after the company raised only an estimated …

Appearing beside inappropriate material.

For instance, the Oracle logo. Ewwww.

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Is Oracle trying to become to world most hated company? Do they have an office where they punch puppies and kick kittens (after making the puppies and kittens sign a mandatory binding arbitration clause)? I think so. An ad-tracking company in the hands of Oracle ... I think they will cross lines that not even Facebook, Google, or Microsoft would cross. I would not be surprised if the data in your database is mined for a profit. This includes MySQL which is sadly in Oracle's hands now.

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Re: Great

Oracle is on so many disinvest lists now days that they have to get most customers by buying them...ditto filling their cloud...


And the real reason?

Quote "...we began to see the huge potential to jointly drive innovation."

I bet they also saw the huge potential in $850m.....



Does Oracle realize that Viewability measurement is changing in that browsers are starting to do it for you now? Thats Moats product, which Chrome effectively removed the need for late year with a new API and other browsers are following.

If Oracle does know, I only say 'why buy then'?

If they don't know, then well played to Moat for a 'wool over eyes' maneuver and timely exit.


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