back to article Not even Easter can stop the inexorable march of storage

We have a four-day weekend over Easter here in the UK. If you need a storage news hit as a respite from the chocolate-laden glug-fest then dip into the paragraphs below – and enjoy your Easter break. Databricks Databricks for Data Engineering is Databricks' software optimised for – wait for it – data engineering. We're told …

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Storage is somewhere 'stuff' that was once useful goes before it goes to Recycling.

Are all 'self-storage' vendors the same? Pretty much so.

IMHO, the same goes for these 'data storage' vendors.


Wake me up when

1) It becomes affordable, and not just for the mega corps.

2) These companies are NOT hoping to get bought out so that the current owners can retire

3) What they are peddling means something to the average IT bod. Not some snake oil that promises lots but delivers nothing but an upset stomach when sampled in large doses.

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Re: Yawn

I came to the Comments section to type "Yawn..."

Anonymous Coward

Biggest missed story: Huge Dell EMC layoffs coming

See "Dell Technologies Earmarks $416M For Terminations, Pushes Ahead With EMC Cuts"


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