back to article Do not insert coin: Uni of Utah to dish out scholarships to ace video game players

The University of Utah on Wednesday said it will offer scholarships to students who excel at esports – meaning they can play, say, League of Legends for the US college to pay their way through an engineering degree. The uni's newly formed varsity esports program is the first such program for an institution participating in the …

  1. Marketing Hack Silver badge

    So, does being Captain of the Call of Duty team get you anywhere with cheerleaders?

    Sadly, it seems that I went to college about 30 years before my time.

    All that time playing actual basketball, when I should have been playing NBA Live!

  2. Snowy

    All fun and games until

    I do wonder if these Esports scholarships will be as poor for the students as sports scholarships are now. The Uni's make lots and the students get a second rate education. No time to study but loads of pressure to train and perform or you are out.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: All fun and games until

      We can blame the Unis, but this stems from the many many fans of higher education sports programs. Think about how much money is involved with the sport events, the TV rights, sponsorships, sponsors, money, money, money, wave the flag, drink the beer, paint your face, just pointless activities that have nothing to do with getting educated. And all the fans, that's all they care about; the sporting events. Never two fucks about the education, or lack thereof from their gridiron "heroes" most of whom will either get arrested for criminal behavior or better still become vegetables from head injuries! So they treat these over-sized sports idiots like gods, then turn the other way when they commit crimes. Lovely. Sports are mostly for racists and criminals and people who can't play the sport itself. It is known.

      Read a book. Stop bouncing balls about. You look a fool. My heroes are the big thinkers who paved the way for our many scientific understandings and technological breakthroughs. I mean, who are you going to have a better conversation with; Albert Einstein or Shaq? One is the father of Quantum Mechanics then other was a genie in a shitty movie and bounces a ball about. About the same as a guy with a head injury. Sport has it's place. That place should be well away from places of learning. IMO.

      1. Robert Helpmann?? Silver badge

        Re: All fun and games until

        This is a personal issue to me as the school I got my undergrad degree at decided to go all in and get a football team going. Most of the students don't care nor do most of the alumni. While many schools argue that their sports programs bring in more money than they spend, it has been a disastrous program in financial terms. It actually takes money away from education to support the sports program.

        While I believe there are many benefits to the various sporting programs and events available to the public, I also feel that tying them to educational institutions does little to fulfill the core mission of such institutions. Furthermore, the argument that doing so brings money to those schools in cases where actually profitable is still not a compelling argument for state-funded schools as their business model should be to provide a service and not to make a buck.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Cool story bro...

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