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Staff at Safe Computing - Britain’s nearest equivalent to Workday - are feeling anything but secure about their livelihoods after reading a proposal by their new owner to axe some jobs. Safe, which writes HR, payroll, staffing, financial and background screening software and employed just shy of 200 people across offices in …

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And the corner office gravy train

just rolls on. The Execs get richer with their bonuses for reducing headcount.

When will we see a mass clear out of Execs? There must be a lot of PHB's and above who are completely useless and need to be let go now. Each one of them going could save a few real workers their jobs.

And pigs might fly.


Re: And the corner office gravy train

It does happy, although not nearly as often, and with a lot more generous settlements.


So, is it names in a hat or keyrings in the middle of the office floor to see who you'll 'buddy' up with?


A small company (still existing)

There is a small software company that has 6 employees.

There is one programmer.

Two people to manage the programmer.

Two managers who manage the programmer´s managers.

And the boss (CEO).

And what is the name of the company?

Oh, it got many names. Maybe you are using software developed by one of theese companies.

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a dedicated HR support team

5 words to put the fear into any corporate drone...

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Re: a dedicated HR support team

Only thing that could be worse is having to deal with recruiters again...


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