back to article FCA straps on rubber gloves, eyes Redcentric's accounting mess

The Financial Conduct Authority is to probe the accounting screw-up at Redcentric that was made public last autumn when the firm admitted to overstating assets and understating net debts by millions of pounds. The London Stock Exchange-listed MSP said it made multi-year number crunching errors that saw net assets exaggerated …

Anonymous Coward


Given that to work at that level at companies like this all you need is an MBA.

Being good at your job is just a bonus.

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So PWC audit or are just the accountants?

Because if you've missed this for how many years what sort of auditors are you?

Anonymous Coward

having working with the company at the time we were told that a deficit of 10 million was found, reading this now even when they "realised" the books didn't add up they were still 10 million short.....


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