back to article Cisco: We know what you all want – a $10,000 70in whiteboard with a $190/mo cloud sub

Cisco is kicking out a new set of screens and conferencing software aimed at overhauling its video conferencing and collaboration lines. Switchzilla says its Spark Board screens will lower the financial and technical requirements for companies that want to conduct meetings with remote workers and make it easier for people in …

12 Microphones!

Now everyone in all of the offices can hear me snore as the boss waffles on with irrelevant bullshit.

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Re: 12 Microphones!

For those not familiar with nasal resonance meet the beast of 3840 and the perils of VOX

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... to an invitation-only audience of 1,000+ VIP guests, partners and customers, and streaming the keynote live.

If the company is able to can pass on all the relevant information on this chalk-free blackboard via streaming then that kind of negates the need for one of these gizmos in the first place.


Re: Um...

all that will get used is the HDMI port and a long cable to the hosts laptop

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The ultimate test would be to give these to news outlets and big customers for a few days and host the launch over Sp(o)rk.

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Press reaction

Corporate shills.

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Big Brother


Will if some of these are mis wired at the factory that might well be the truth.:-)

Personally I see the sort of company CEO who'll want this installing it in their satellite offices with a set of remote control web cams (to go with the mics) for that "Your Great & Glorious Leader is always Watching" feel.

So that's basically $5k and $1440/yr (minimum) for this.

How does that compare with internal US airfares and motel rates?

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The boards come into an increasingly crowded market for meeting and collaboration tools. Cisco will be competing with Google's Jamboard tablet and Microsoft's massive Surface Hub.

Naturally, all of these are way behind the existing interactive whiteboard players, such as SMART Technologies...

Cisco would do better offering software and cloud service that could build on to the existing installed base of third-party whiteboards and screens...

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Why "Cloud"...

Why on earth does everything have to have a cloud connection (and of course the connection is subscription based) today? We are starting to install Interactive Whiteboards (or Smartboards whatever you want to call them) fortunately they don't require a cloud subscription (and they don't come from Cisco).

I wonder how long before the Cisco sales reps get in the ears of our senior manglement and convince them that we should be replacing their competitors equipment with the Cisco version that will cost us a lot more over the life of the equipment.


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