back to article NEC mentions it has a high-end dedupe disk backup box, stretches, yawns for 40 seconds

NEC has the biggest, baddest scale-out deduping backup-to-disk array on the planet and we virtually never hear about it. NEC is not a top-six purpose-built backup supplier, according to IDC, being neither a unit ship or revenue leader. Yet there are 1,100 customers and 1,800 installations, around three exabytes under …

  1. cjcox

    EMC AX series

    When EMC needed something to fill the mid-tier high density end of things they OEM'd NEC units. However, they stripped all the advanced features out of them so that it would look more EMC-like.

    1. avh

      Re: EMC AX series

      Actually I operated several AX4 systems and yes it was NEC hardware but ran EMC Flare (WindowsXP)

      You could get an enabler to use Navisphere Manager and get similar experience to CX3/(CX4 R28).

      You could MirrorView between AX4 <> CX3/CX4

      There was nothing wrong with the NEC hardware at all 3GB SAS based system. The processors where underpowered Celeron from memory.

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