back to article SWIFT warns of more 'sophisticated' attacks, readies anti-fraud tool

The chief information security officer for global money transfer network SWIFT says banks are still under attack from fraudsters hoping to cash in on identified security gaps to steal millions of dollars. Alain Desausoi, security head of the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecom made the comments at the Financial …

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So they just send a report out the next day for you to check where all your money went! good, so I know where it went yesterday, so I'll found out perhaps quicker I've been stung

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SWIFT showed no indication of having been compromised

"Desausoi went on to explain how SWIFT, whose network and core messaging services show no indication of having been compromised during these breaches" ref

That's because the hack occurred on an Oracle database running on top of Microsoft Windows. Two Bytes to $951M


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