back to article Drone speedboat isn't

A demonstration of an "unmanned surface vessel" in London yesterday actually took place with a coxswain sat inside the boat. The Bladerunner speedboat is a remote-controlled technology demonstrator being used by the Ministry of Defence. Yesterday Bladerunner, in the company of Royal Navy patrol boat HMS Archer, performed some …

  1. Starace

    You do understand why it was manned?

    The story implies it was manned because it didn't work.

    The actual reason was that it wasn't legally allowed on the river without a crew being present, even if they were just sat back having coffee.

    Slight difference.

    1. TRT Silver badge

      Re: You do understand why it was manned?

      Why didn't they get a woman to sit in it? Then they could still say it was unmanned.

  2. mdava

    I did wonder

    Why an unmanned boat had such a big windscreen.

  3. Robert Carnegie Silver badge

    Technically a "torpedo" would qualify :-)

    Probably also not allowed on the Thames though. Although I seem to remember at least one James Bond movie (but maybe I don't).

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