back to article Speaking in Tech: Intel joins ARMs race – even Chipzilla needs to Make All The Things

speaking_in_tech Greg Knieriemen podcast enterprise Greg Ferro of Packet Pushers co-hosts the podcast this week with Greg and Ed to discuss Intel, the death of private clouds, IoT and OpenStack. Our special guest this week is Eric Wright… not the rapper, the dude from VMTurbo…er… Turbonomic also known as DiscoPosse. The …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Intel left the ARMS race in 2007 only to come back into it 10 years later

    Anyone else remember in PXA270 Xscale that Intel sold to Marvel when they stopped making ARM processors.

  2. J. R. Hartley Silver badge

    This podcast just gets worse.

    And worse.

  3. Stuart21551

    Inventors - do not trust intel

  4. jms222

    Did a bit of work on the (DEC) StrongARM back in the day and now use Marvell devices.

    That's Marvell not Marvel unless you're into comics.

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