BitCalm Gone Bye Bye?

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BitCalm Gone Bye Bye?

In a bid to be more efficient, and to impress the new place I'm working in, I decided to use BitCalm to back up our two servers. Everything was going well, their software would kick in when needed and the backups were made.

But, like Schrodingers Cat, no one really knows whether or not the backup actually works or not until you need it. So a failed WordPress plugin update this morning has meant I've logged in to my BitCalm account - only to find nothing there. All I can see is my profile, and a button saying "Need Help" which just displays a blank sidebar. Usually you would get to the dashboard listing all of the servers and back ups you have.

I've got none of that.

A quick poke on Facebook as well reveals I'm not the only one having issues, and judging by the number of people asking questions to their Facebook and about them on Twitter, I think I'm one of 20 customers affected.

Is there anyone else affected by this? They really do see to have just upped sticks and left the country, along with my $240 which I paid for the year.

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Re: BitCalm Gone Bye Bye?

It's alway bad news when backups fail to restore. You have my commiserations.

Even when you can restore lost files it doesn't mean your backup is ok. I once had an SA who made a curious typo in his backup and restore script. Instead of writing to the tape device he was writing to (and reading from) a rather big file on the server. I twigged what was going on when I realized that he could recover files really quickly but never ones from more than a day before. All of the daily, weekly and monthly tapes he had stored away were blank.


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