back to article Post Brexit tech spending to rise like a lead balloon

Yet another analyst has delivering a damning forecast for tech spending following last week’s UK referendum decision to leave the European Union as major suppliers prepare staff for what could months of slowing sales. Channel-watcher Canalys projected local sales spending of $90bn to $100bn for the year before Brits voted to …

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A little help please

"Brexit could also be opportunity for tech suppliers as vendors look to push more business via third party suppliers to lower their own fixed costs."

Let's pretend sacking your direct sales team and outsourcing to some third parties is a good idea for some unspecified reason. Why was it impossible pre-brexit?


Re: A little help please

because it provides a convenient excuse to kick people out the door


Yet another analyst ...

You are confusing quantity with quality here. Anyone daring to mention that perhaps Brexit won't be the supreme disaster that hysterical acne-ridden man-child Guardian journos say it will be is automatically labelled a bigot, a racist or just plain wrong.

And if it's one thing your average (and they are all average) analyst hates doing is holding any sort of position that requires any level of thinking beyond a quick look at Twitter.

To finish, I'll do some analysis of my own: Canalys are talking rubbish and should be simply ignored. I could probably spin this out into an article with equally stupid stats in it if you like.

Anonymous Coward

A lead balloon, you say?


I thought according to The Reg's own pet UKIP columnist Brexit was going to be wonderful for our economy?


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