back to article Lester Haines: RIP

It is with incredible sadness that El Reg must report that Lester Haines, one of our finest story-tellers and an all-round good bloke, passed away on Monday. We have published his obituary, The Life and Times of Lester Haines. Lester, who was 55, died of a heart attack at his home in Spain. He will be cremated on Friday 17 …


  1. Geoff May
    1. Sartori

      Re: :'(

      Currently at 55 upvotes, I would add mine, but 55 seems a good place to leave it.

    2. Ken Hall

      Re: :'(

      The man who introduced me to the concept of haggis Pakora - since adapted to black pudding pakora.

      The world is short another great man. So sad for his family, friends and colleagues.

      1. wolfetone Silver badge

        Re: :'(

        "The man who introduced me to the concept of haggis Pakora - since adapted to black pudding pakora."

        You need to link to that recipie, that was before my time but I need that in my life!

        1. cray74

          Re: :'(

          "You need to link to that recipie, that was before my time but I need that in my life!"

          Generic haggis pakora recipes pop up with a Google search. As for the Lester's recipe...Ralph B, thank you for the link to his articles:

          Haggis pakora versus huevos rancheros.

      2. Vometia Munro

        Re: :'(

        "The man who introduced me to the concept of haggis Pakora - since adapted to black pudding pakora.

        The world is short another great man. So sad for his family, friends and colleagues."

        This is the exactly the sort of thing that made The Register so great. RIP, old chap. :(

    3. 45RPM Silver badge

      Re: :'(

      One of the finest contributors to El Reg, and the man who kept me coming back here even on those rare occasions when El Reg wasn’t performing at its best. He never missed the mark, and I will miss reading what he has to say and his views on food, science, drink and the world.

      My condolences to his family and friends at this awful time.

      1. chrspy

        Re: :'(

        Another for whom Lester was the "draw to come back to this site even though the blatant partisanship of some of the articles has been increasingly annoying. Don't destroy his legacy by continuing down that route, please ...........

    4. MonkeyCee Silver badge

      Re: :'(

      So long and thanks for all the fish. *sniff*

      A writer who not only engaged BTL, but seemed to quite enjoy it.

      I suggest that one of the less used icon's gets retired, and a suitable homage created. A pipe or a bacon sarnie would be my vote.

    5. EddieD

      Re: :'(


      I've been away and I've only just seen this.

      Thoughts to his family, Kararina, the Junior Boffin, and nephew Matt, the bearded coated one, and all the others.

      I always enjoyed his articles, his enthusiasm, his love of life.

      My coronary artery will probably never forgive him, but I loved his recipes.

      Very deeply sad

      1. Mpeler

        Re: :'(

        RIP Lester and condolences to your family and friends. May the fork be with you (and spoon, and spork, and other utensils)...

        (Sherlock has a pipe, seems to be sad, too).

    6. Dick

      Re: :'(

      How very sad :(

    7. Ragarath

      Re: :'(

      Ahh, not been on El'Reg for a few days and come back to this sad news.

      RIP Lester, we will miss you and your articles.

  2. Tony S

    He'll be missed.


  3. Mr_Pitiful

    OMG End of an Era

    RIP Lester, you will be sadly missed

    1. This post has been deleted by its author

    2. Sir Runcible Spoon Silver badge

      Re: OMG End of an Era

      I am genuinely shocked :'(

      My thoughts are with his family, friends and colleagues - this place just won't be the same.

    3. Mark 85 Silver badge

      Re: OMG End of an Era

      Indeed. I think many of us came here and stayed here because of his articles. My condolences to his family and colleagues. A sad day...

      I wish there was a bacon sarnie icon I could raise in salute also.

  4. Ralph B


    May his spirit long live on at The Reg. I'll raise my (fully charged) LOHAN tankard in his memory this evening.

    1. Ralph B

      Re: Damn

      For those that want to remember what we'll be missing, here's a list of his articles and a list of his forum posts at The Reg.

      Was there ever a more engaged and engaging writer at work and play at a tech (or any) website?

      1. Ralph B

        Re: Damn

        > here's a list of his articles

        In retrospect I rather wish I hadn't found that link, because it's rather depressing to see that Lester's articles were pretty much ALL that has kept me interested me at The Reg over the years. Take care of his heritage, Reg. Take care.

        1. Dr Spork

          Re: Damn

          Precisely my thoughts Ralph.

          Truly tragic news.

          Glass duly raised. ---->

          My heartfelt condolences to his family, friends and all at El Reg (including other readers)

  5. wolfetone Silver badge

    Might be, if at all possible (and of course, wanted) if some of his ashes could go up with LOHAN when it makes the trip up to the sky.


    1. VinceH Silver badge

      Given the time he's spent on it, and the sad fact that he'll never see the project come to fruition, that would indeed be a very fitting tribute.

    2. Paul Kunert

      We are discussing lots of ideas in the office. Will keep you all posted, thanks, Paul at The Reg

    3. The Vociferous Time Waster


      Ditto re ashes. Send him to spaaaaaace!

  6. asphytxtc

    Such a sad loss, Rest In Playmobil ..

    *raises glass*

  7. Alister Silver badge

    What terrible news, my condolences to his family.

    RIP Lester.

  8. monty75

    Gutted. Lester's articles were always just the right mix of humour and information.

    1. I ain't Spartacus Gold badge

      How many stupid discussions have we had in the comments over Lester's articles? It's much more fun reading about how to make the perfect cuppa and bacon sarnie if you can then go on and call some other innocent commentard a heathen afterwards. With Lester usually joining in the fun too.

      But of course we were all joining in the fun that he, and El Reg, created. And it's a pretty good epitaph to have made lots of peoples' lives more fun. Which should not be a minor part of anyone's life achievements. As well as the more "real" stuff of raising a family and all the relationships with friends and colleagues.

      I'm genuinely sad at the death of someone I didn't even know. And I feel for all you guys at El Reg towers who did. I hope you have a drink in his honour and a bloody good laugh about him.

      RIP Lester. You'll be missed.

      ...although the person that admitted to drinking the abomination that is cofftea genuinely is a heathen...

      1. JasonLaw

        well said

        .(the post is required, and must contain letters)

      2. DiViDeD Silver badge

        That was it exactly

        What marked out Lester's articles, and his forum posts, was the sheer fun and pointlessness of so much of it. he was always engaged with his readers and with us commentards.

        His sense of wicked fun and silliness will be sadly missed.

      3. Little sis

        Thank you for your kinds words ☺

  9. Gobhicks

    Playmobil or it hasn't happened

    Very very sad, Godspeed Lester, condolences to your loved ones

  10. chivo243 Silver badge

    Sad news

    Condolences to his family and loved ones. May they find strength in this trying time.

    A toast to Lester!

  11. wurdsmiff

    RIP Lester

    Sad news. Best wishes to the team at El Reg and Lester's family. He'll be much missed.

  12. Sir Gaz of Laz

    Very sad, and condolences to his family. I always enjoyed reading his articles.

  13. The March Hare

    Bloody Hell.

    sincere condolences to his family - I always enjoyed what he had to say

    RIP Lester


  14. GlenP Silver badge

    RIP Lester. Thoughts and prayers are with the family and colleagues.

  15. Matt Siddall

    RIP - very sad news

  16. Matt 4

    May the worms grow strong and fat on his deliciousness, it was a grand ride.

  17. James 51 Silver badge

    Sad for us readers but sadder still for those who knew him I am sure. Rest in peace, got a feeling the place isn't going to be the same without him.

  18. Rich83

    It was Lester's articles that first led me to El Reg, very sad news.

    1. Omnisis

      Me too - way back in 2004 - his irreverent wit epitomised British humour.... his writing leaves a beautiful legacy. RIP big guy.

  19. petur

    RIP Lester

    sad news :/

  20. Dan 55 Silver badge

    Too young

    My condolences to family and friends.

  21. Cripes Chief!

    Very sad news. Condolences to the team at El Reg and especially Lester's family. He'll be much missed.

  22. sysconfig

    Very sad news

    55 is way too young to log out!

    Rest in peace. Condolences to the family and friends.

    1. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

      Re: Very sad news

      I too will be 55 this year. Suddenly I feel mortal.

      RIP Lester, you made many people smile.

      Currently, and coincidently, drinking a pint from my LOHAN tankard and eating a kebab meat pizza. You sounded impressed by that pizza when I mentioned it a long while ago Lester, I hope you got to taste one,

  23. HkraM


    I'm lost for words. I always enjoyed reading his articles.

    Condolences to his family and friends.

    I'll raise a glass later in his memory.


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