back to article Salesforce slurps up Demandware for $2.8bn

Cloudy CRM biz Salesforce has slurped up e-commerce provider Demandware for $2.8bn (£1.9bn) in a bid to broaden its portfolio. Salesforce has rarely turned a profit in its last 17 years, preferring to prioritise growth - a strategy its newest acquisition will reinforce. For its full-year ending January 31, Salesforce posted $ …

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Never heard of them. Anything to do with Ransomware or GWX?

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Say what?

Last year Demandware increased revenue by 48 per cent to $237.3m. It made a loss of $42m - and increase from its loss of $28m the previous year.

And it's still worth $2.8 billion? WTF? Nice work if you can get it. Tell me again about "maximizing profits"?


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