back to article Darkode Bitcoin bot bandit gets year and a day in US cooler

Darkode bot bandit Rory Stephen Guidry has been sentenced to a year and a day in prison for selling a botnet containing 5000 enslaved machines, and stealing US$80,000 (£72,069, A$111,728) in Bitcoins and 5000 active credit cards. Guildry, 29, or Louisiana was arrested in the massive take-down of defunct English crime board …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Another crim busted but still no public explanation as to how he managed to infect that number of machines.

    Thumbs up for providing useful information the public can use to help protect themselves.

    It may be just me but compared to conventional crime (e.g. Professor Plum with the lead pipe in the ballroom at 9am at his residence his victim being Colonel Mustard because he slept with the Profs wife) Cybercrime (e.g. some dude had stolen credit card info and infected 5000 machines) seems a bit opaque when it comes to sharing details.

    As someone probably once said. With knowledge comes wisdom.

    How will mumsnet know what to ban?

    How many of you can give a clear and concise answer when a none technical person asks the question "so where do viruses come from". Ill bet the go to answer is something along the lines of "flash banners, ads, email attachments and porn sites" which is pretty vague when you think about it.

    Us geeks can sense virus laden sites almost with superhuman precision but i'll wager most of us can't really explain why.

    I like to think I can. But I probably can't.

    1. Walter Bishop Silver badge

      Seems a bit opaque when it comes to sharing details.

      It's patently obvious it was some kind of Worm Infesting Needless Data On Whole System

  2. jake Silver badge

    Good thing that ...

    ... bitcoin users understand secure systems.

    Oh, wait ...

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