back to article Mega mail breach fears

Webmail passwords of millions of users are allegedly for sale. Hundreds of millions of usernames and passwords - purportedly for, GMail, Yahoo Mail and Microsoft email accounts - are on sale through Russian cybercrime bazaars, according to security expert Alex Holden. Most of the stolen data refers to accounts …

  1. ma1010 Silver badge

    I'm not surprised

    I DAILY get several emails like "your account was signed into by an iPhone in Angola. If this was you, you're all set. Otherwise, click the link below to go to our 'Resolution Center'." And other similar crap. Given how many folks just can't get the idea of how phishing works, I wouldn't be surprised by any number of pawned accounts they have available for sale.

    1. Oengus Silver badge

      Re: I'm not surprised

      I tried to login to a yahoo account I haven't used in a while, with the valid password, and they want me to verify myself. The only option they provided to verify my identity is to send an e-mail to one of two accounts that don't exist anymore. What is the point of the "security" questions they insist on asking when setting up these accounts if they aren't going to use them to identify people.

      If I can't get in to the account the hackers are welcome to try and get in for me.

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