back to article Oops! Microsoft says its 'Bitcoin ban' was a bug, not a feature

Yesterday, we reported that Microsoft had stopped accepting Bitcoin in its digital tat bazaars. Today it seems like Microsoft's left hand has no idea there's even a right hand over there on the other arm, because the company's been clearing things up by saying yes, it does still accept Bitcoin. And in fact never stopped …

  1. hplasm Silver badge


    A bug that can generate a web page, complete with different header, sub-header, fonts and text.

    Pity other MS products aren't as good.

    Where's the BS icon?

  2. Aniya

    Re: Impressive-

    They have bugs which can generate entire operating systems which then bug up Windows Update to install and overwrite whatever perfectly functional Windows operating system the user may already have installed.

    A simple web page even with a different header, fonts and text is nothing.

  3. Bob Vistakin

    A stopped clock is correct twice a day

    I have to admit I thought microsoft were on the ball for a change with starting to refuse Bitcoin, with it being reported to be fatally broken. But no, as usual this sounds like news to them and it was down to the level of competence we've come to expect.

    This reminds me of the only thing Gordon Brown got right being for the wrong reason - he held back the UK from the Euro solely because Tony Blair wanted it so much.

  4. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

    in other words...

    some idiot released that carefully prepared page into the wild just to test the waters.

    After the feedback/outrage/etc they received that have reversed their decision (for the time being)

    Isn't this 'testing the water' what Politicians do all the time?

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: in other words...

    Neah, they do other stuff. Testing the waters is for amateurs and interns. Real politicians do the vested interest dance. Watch this as a fine example:

    You will be shocked just how valid all of it is today. I sometimes I want to take snippets out of Claus Kinsky character's "Europe is what our grandparents called a cash cow" monologue or the closing dialogue and slap it on the wall. It is as valid today as it was in 1977 when Raf Vallet wrote it and George Lautner put it on film (*).

    (*) it is not surprising that it took 30+ years to get a decent english translation (even that as subtitles) across the channel.

  6. Mark 85 Silver badge

    With all the other crap they've been spouting lately on such subjects as Win10, why not Bitcoin also? Maybe one of these days, their PR department and upper-upper manglement will figure out that when you've dug yourself into a hole... stop digging. Kind of makes one wonder what the next "WTF?" moment/pronouncement will be.

  7. chivo243 Silver badge

    @Mark 85

    I'm sure the C levels and PR are living in a rainbow sunshine world where rainbows shoot out of unicorn's rectums. Their salary is paid on time, why worry?

  8. Mike 125

    §%$§&%/ !!

    W.T.F. are these people doing? When was the last time they didn't screw up?

    And why can't I walk into Currys and buy a laptop-to-go, with Linux, a reasonable GUI, LibreOffice and Firefox? What more does the high street shopper need? If I could, I would (except it wouldn't be Currys...!).


  9. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

    Re: §%$§&%/ !!

    You were doing well until you said 'walk'.

    How delightfully quaint of you. Don't you know that everything is bought over the Interwebs these days?

    come on Man, get on message. Buying anything from a physical shop is so... well 19th Century.

    Apart from Mickey D's drive throughs that is. (Ugh)

  10. Captain DaFt

    Re: §%$§&%/ !!

    "Buying anything from a physical shop is so... well 19th Century."

    How noughties.

    No hipster worth his beard buys on line these days. Prowling shops looking for that bit of tat nobody else uses or has heard of is the thing these days.

  11. imanidiot Silver badge

    Get bitcoin account, work for MS and "erroniously" release website announcing MS no longer accepting bitcoin, buy Btc in the dip in price that follows, wait for MS to work hard to rectify the "error", sell bitcoins after price recovers, Profit!

    Or maybe I'm just a crackpot conspiracy theorist

  12. PleebSmasher

    It's an interesting theory, tempered by the fact that hardly anyone uses Bitcoin to buy Microsoft Store apps.

    Or, ya know, any other form of currency.

  13. Joe Montana

    Not the point

    The fact that very few people are buying windows store apps isnt the point, the mere fact that a high profile supplier like microsoft accepts bitcoin at all adds a lot of credibility to bitcoin and encourages others to use it.

  14. Bradley

    Re: Not the point

    "very few people are buying windows store apps"

    "high profile supplier" indeed

  15. imanidiot Silver badge

    This is about manipulating the bitcoin market price. And it has fluctuated wildly over far less obvious reasons than a large store/supplier pulling it's support of bitcoin. Looking at the exchange rate history now though, either it didn't work out as planned or indeed no-one who trades in bitcoins cares about the MS store accepting them.

  16. allthecoolshortnamesweretaken Silver badge

    It was their secret AI that had temporarily escaped its minders.

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